Below are links to one-page PDFs highlighting my project experience relating to Egret & Ox Planning’s core services. The projects cover over two decades of planning experience since 2001.

Resume Comprehensive Planning | FILE SIZE: 1.2 MB
Resume Community Engagement | FILE SIZE: 2.4 MB
Resume Zoning & Municipal Ordinances | FILE SIZE: 1.1 MB
Resume Economic Development | FILE SIZE: 0.9 MB
Resume Community Development & Neighborhood Planning | FILE SIZE: 2.0 MB
Resume Downtown & Subarea Planning | FILE SIZE: 0.9 MB
Resume Transportation & Corridor Planning | FILE SIZE: 2.6 MB
Resume Transit Oriented Development (TOD) | FILE SIZE: 1.4 MB


Resume Resume
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Berthoud Comprehensive Plan
:: 2022 APA Colorado Award (General Planning Project)
:: Town of Berthoud Plan Page

Loveland Downtown Design Standards
:: 2020 APA Colorado Award (Project with a Small Budget)
:: 2020 Downtown Colorado Inc (Governor’s Award for a Plan)
:: City of Loveland Project Page




Elburn Connects TOD Plan
Location: Elburn, Illinois
Clients: Village of Elburn; RTA
Partners: Teska; Sam Schwartz

Loveland Downtown Design Standards

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Client: City of Loveland; Loveland Downtown Partnership
Awards: APA Colorado (2020); Downtown Colorado, Inc. (2020)


Berthoud Comprehensive Plan
Location: Berthoud, Colorado
Client: Town of Berthoud
Partners: Plan Tools; BHA Design; Felsburg Holt & Ullevig; RRC; THK


Sycamore Comprehensive Plan
Location: Sycamore, Illinois
Client: City of Sycamore
Partner: NIU Center for Governmental Studies


Homer Glen Comprehensive Plan
Location: Homer Glen, Illinois
Client: Village of Homer Glen
Partners: Savoy Consulting Group; Antero Group


Round Lake ICSC Chicago Display Boards
Location: Round Lake, Illinois
Client: Village of Round Lake


Fraser Zoning Information Sheets
Location: Fraser, Colorado
Client: Town of Fraser
Partner: Plan Tools