Below are links to one-page PDFs highlighting my project experience relating to Egret+Ox Planning’s core services. The projects cover over 20 years of planning experience.

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My project experience is primarily rooted in my work as a urban planning consultant since 2001, starting with 16 years at Chicago-based Teska Associates, Inc. (2001-2017) and continuing with my small business, Egret & Ox Planning, LLC (2017-present). This experience spans the entire spectrum of community types, ranging from counties, municipalities, and corridors to downtowns, neighborhoods, and single blocks.

A majority of my experience springs from work with municipal clients, where I have prepared comprehensive plans, updated zoning codes, completed economic development studies, and conducted development review. At a regional scale, I have served as lead planner for county-wide land resource management plans, regional housing policy studies, and interjurisdictional corridor plans. At the micro scale, I have prepared neighborhood plans and devised strategic plans for community-based organizations via initiatives with Habitat for Humanity, LISC Chicago, and the Chicago Housing Authority

While my experience includes special area planning for downtowns, corridors, and other subareas, my most prominent area of focus has been with transit oriented development (TOD). For one project in particular, I served as lead planner, in collaboration with the City of Chicago and local transit agencies, to develop the Metra Station Area Typology Study for the 77+ citywide commuter rail stations to encourage transit supportive development in advance of the 2015 passage of the City’s updated TOD ordinance. Three other TOD projects for which I served as lead planner received awards from the American Planning Association’s Illinois State Chapter (APA-IL).

In addition, my experience with active and creative engagement of communities has enabled me to effectively work with various stakeholders: governmental entities, elected officials, transportation agencies, service providers, community organizations, developers, property owners, business owners, and citizens. Whether it’s conducting a community meeting, providing different outlets to share information, or creating graphically enhanced maps, exhibits, and documents, I find ways to not only engage stakeholders in the planning process but also communicate information clearly and efficiently so that they can make informed decisions.