APA People Behind The Plans Podcast (October 2019)

I discuss the intersection of social justice and urban planning with the American Planning Association, as well as reflect on various aspects and lessons learned throughout my career.


“Adaptive Reuse: Catalyst to Create Cultural Destinations”
Renewal & Redevelopment, February 2017
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“Chicago TOD Strategies: Sum Of Parts Equal, Greater Than The Whole”
Renewal & Redevelopment, October 2016
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In March 2019, I launched an educational comic series based on the name and values of the firm. Titled “Planning with Emie & Ollie,” the comic series follows Emily the Egret and Oliver the Ox as they learn about social justice issues within the realm of urban planning. The intent of the comic series is not to raise any new issues but give voice to them in a creative means. Click here for a Comics Inventory.